Freelancing Problem & Solution

Freelancing Problem

Freelancing is one of the most convenient ways to earn money without doing much of physical labor. Even after that, a freelancer faces many challenges, problems and questions while he is working to earn money. Here you will get a collection of the common problem and solution a freelancer usually faces while he is working.

  • Question: How do I get a work?

This is the simplest problem of all. All you will need is to get the address of the freelancing marketplaces like oDesk or to look for the appropriate job among thousands of jobs.

  • Question:  How do I get paid?

Though many employers prefer to use PayPal for the payment, you can still use the transaction service provided by the freelancing marketplaces using the platform of Payoneer or Moneybookers. There are some unsafe ways of using PayPal too though that is not recommended.

  • Question: I cannot win any bid.

In such cases you should review the problems in your bidding. This is one of the most important common problem and solution in this discussion. Try to mention your experience in the relative field and always try to use a sample which will help you to impress the employer.

  • Question: My wage is too low

In this cases, most of the starting freelancers start with a low wage. Their wage increases step by step as they start getting good reviews from the employers. Therefore, try to increase your wage step by step instead of asking for a high price from the beginning.  You can also ask for a raise if you are working on a long term basis for one employer.

  • Question: I need more skills to start freelancing

If you are in need of skills, there is no alternative of training and learning. You should contact in the right places to learn any of the highly paid skills. At first you can go to a freelancing marketplace and check out the rate of different works along with the intensity of the competition. After that you can go to the professionals who can give you support in freelancing or even give you the training required for acquiring such skills. DevsTeam is an award winning organization who are working in this field and you can trustfully ask for their help in this regard. All you will need to decide is what you are going to learn.

Though they are the common problem and solution, these are not the only problems you might face if you are new freelancer. Even the experienced freelancers sometimes need the help of others. In such cases, at first you can ask someone who is experienced after searching for help in the internet. And if you are already connected with DevsTeam for training and support, you can get your answers from them too.

Freelancing Solution


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