Things need to know before entering Freelancing Marketplace

Like any other job, the choice of marketplace of freelancing depends solely on your choice. There are many marketplaces found in the internet with various types of characteristics. These are the places that helps the meeting of buyers and sellers on a dependable platform, but all are not the same. In order to improve your rate you should target one marketplace and keep working to improve your profile there. In that case, another question arises, which is the best freelancing marketplace and why choose it?

Freelancing Marketplace


Deciding the Right Marketplace

Every freelancer deserves good wages if he can do the work properly spending his valuable time and giving effort. Therefore, like everyone else, you should also look at the amount of wage in average of a marketplace before start bidding there, but that is not the only factor to look at while start bidding. There are some other factors as well.

  • Availability of jobs of the types you are interested to do. Otherwise, you will have to waste much time to get every job if you are new
  • Authenticity of jobs is also important. There are some freelancing marketplaces full of frauds who do not pay after taking your work. Therefore, you should choose the marketplace which has less number of frauds. In other cases, try to bid only in the jobs where the client has reviews
  • Ratio of jobs to freelancers is also necessary as you will have more competitors if there are too many freelancers in comparison to the jobs.
  • Types of jobs is a good indicator of a marketplace’s quality. If you find too much PTC or MLM related projects, you should not choose such marketplaces.

Freelancing Marketplaces

Specified Marketplaces

Another good way to be properly paid for your effort is choosing work specific marketplaces. For example, if you are a photographer who sell pictures, you can try the photography related marketplaces for a better audience. In the general marketplaces, your work might get unnoticed in such cases. There are some specific marketplaces for coders also. The coders or developers can try in those marketplaces for specified jobs. In this way, the freelancer will also get the benefit of finding more projects in one place.

If you are still in a situation where you are worried about what work to do, not which is your freelancing marketplace and why choose it, you can still have a visit in the freelancing marketplaces to have an idea about which type of job gets you which amount of wage. It is a good idea to choose a work after visiting such marketplaces. After that you can take necessary training from good institutions like DevsTeam who provides assistance in both training and choosing.

How to Write Effective Cover Letter & Smart Conversation

Cover Letter

The most important thing regardless in sending CV for a job or bidding in an online job is How to Write Effective Cover Letter & Smart Conversation. The most important thing in any field of work is getting the job and without an effective cover letter you are not going to be able to attract the attention of the employers to give you a chance. Whether you are going to change your job for a better job or job at a different place, simply updating your resume and sending them to places is not the best way to try. You need to be updated about the field and the current process of writing a cover letter before you start trying.

Even if you have a very impressive resume, you may not get a job if the attached cover letter is not impressive equally. That is why you need to create an impression in the very cover letter before anyone opens your resume.

You should always go online and find out the current trends in resume and cover letter writing. You may think that you know everything about writing a cover letter, but still you should follow the current tips which will pay you back at the later times in your life. Here are some basic tips about How to Write Effective Cover Letter & Smart Conversation

How to Write a Cover Letter

  • From the very first line be very straight to the point. It should have a very specific topic sentence with a summary of the intention of this letter. Do not add anything extra to it.
  • Be very careful about your cover letter. You should triple check the cover letter before even thinking of submitting it. A simple mistake in the cover letter will create a very bad impression in the mind of the employer and might cost you the job.
  • You should use a good word processor to write your cover letter. Sending hand written cover letter is not even an option, you should not even use Notepad like programs to write cover letters, because you will be able to adjust according the format and find many mistakes by using a good word processor which are not available in the simpler programs
  • Using decorations are not going to help you get any job, so do not make any decoration in the cover letter. Make it very much formal with business fonts and proper fond size.
  • Try to write a short letter as the employers do not take too much time in reading a single cover letter. Express yourself in short sentences.

You should also be very honest in you cover letter. Otherwise, that might cost you a lot or cause you an irreparable damage in the later period of your life. Even copying the letter from a template is dishonesty, so you should write on your own.

How to Start Freelancing in Bangladesh

Before starting to work on anything related to freelancing the freelancers need to keep one idea straight, which is they will have to work hard. Earning money by clicking links is not freelancing and it is a misuse of the term ‘freelancing’. Different sort of professions need different sorts of skills. In case of online freelancing also you will need different sorts of skills. Therefore, before knowing how to start freelancing in Bangladesh, you will need to know which type of work you are going to do.

Freelancing in Bangladesh


Choice of Work

There are many types of works available for online freelancing. The types of works are endless and new types of jobs are being created every day. Still, there are some jobs which are the mainstream in freelancing. Here is a small list with such jobs:

  • Content writing is one of the best non-technical freelancing jobs out there. Writing can be on various topic starting from insurance to carpet cleaning. You can write most of them if you do some proper research and have a good grasp of English.
  • There are also other types of writing jobs like ghostwriting, copywriting, legal writing etc. which needs a good bit of research before starting to work
  • Selling products is also another good way of freelancing, which is not very much in practice everywhere, but it is profitable if the freelancer can choose the right products at the right times. There are also some photography websites where freelance photographers can sell their photographs with their preferred price.
  • Creating and maintaining a website of one’s one is a challenging jobs. It needs a little bit of investment for the server and the domain, but with the proper strategy one can earn easy money. SEO is the most important factor in any strategy regarding a website.
  • There are also different jobs which require good bit of training and skills like website designing, program developing, etc.

Such types of freelancing jobs are not usually advertised with posters or newspapers. You will have to look at the right place to find the right job for you. There are many websites like oDesk, which offers different types of jobs for different types of people. A freelancer can register there for free and browse through all the jobs posted there, and bid the ones he or she likes. If a freelancer wants to bid more than the limit, he will need to pay some money. It is always beneficial if the freelancers choose the fields of work they like to do. If they like the work, the knowledge to how to start freelancing in Bangladesh will become secondary and the passion for work will become primary. If you want to train yourself on any skill, you can contact DevsTeam who provides wide range of assistance in such topics.

Freelancing Tips

Freelancing Tips Online freelancing is an interesting field of work where there is place for various types of skills. A freelancer might have a talent in what he does, but only talent or the sharpness of his skill are not the only things necessary to make him a successful freelancer. There are some points unnoticed by many freelancers that can be very helpful to be a successful freelancer. Among them the most important ones are the bidding tips. You will often find that many people are successful freelancers even though there are more skillful people out there who are not as successful as he is. That is odd, but the reason is very simple. If you know the right ways to attract the attention of the clients, you will not need to be very extra ordinary. To start with, you need to find the way how the clients are attracted by your bids.


The Indicators of a Potential Bidder

When a person asks for freelancers there are very few things he looks for. They are-

  1. The qualification of the bidder
  2. The rate of the bidder
  3. If the bidder have any experience
  4. Any previous work
  5. Sample works
  6. Punctuality &
  7. Responsibility

Therefore, employer will try to find all of these qualities in the application of bidding you will post. That is why, you should be very careful while making a bid.


Important Bidding Tips

You should follow some simple bidding tips in order to get successful in your freelancing career

Bidding Tips


-Do not download a sample from the internet and use that to bid everywhere. The patterns are very well known and that can disappoint the client

-Do not bid everywhere with the same texts. Try to write different things in the bidding post every time according to the context.

-Add any experience you have in the field related to the context

-If you do not have any experience, you can add a good sample of work as attachment in the bid

-Be reasonable with the wage you ask for a job. Do not ask for too much or too less just to get the job.

One of the most important bidding tips in freelancing is the addition of sample. If you do not have experience, you will have to compete with many other bidders who have experience of years. The only way you can win the work even from them just by using a fairly written sample. Therefore, sample is very important in any bid. Another thing is also very important in bidding. Do not ever submit any type of false information. It is very dangerous and such issues can ruin your freelancing profile entirely. Always be honest in every bid. For more support, you can ask the professionals from DevsTeam, an award winning organization who are providing multipurpose support for the rising freelancers.



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