How to Start Freelancing in Bangladesh

Before starting to work on anything related to freelancing the freelancers need to keep one idea straight, which is they will have to work hard. Earning money by clicking links is not freelancing and it is a misuse of the term ‘freelancing’. Different sort of professions need different sorts of skills. In case of online freelancing also you will need different sorts of skills. Therefore, before knowing how to start freelancing in Bangladesh, you will need to know which type of work you are going to do.

Freelancing in Bangladesh


Choice of Work

There are many types of works available for online freelancing. The types of works are endless and new types of jobs are being created every day. Still, there are some jobs which are the mainstream in freelancing. Here is a small list with such jobs:

  • Content writing is one of the best non-technical freelancing jobs out there. Writing can be on various topic starting from insurance to carpet cleaning. You can write most of them if you do some proper research and have a good grasp of English.
  • There are also other types of writing jobs like ghostwriting, copywriting, legal writing etc. which needs a good bit of research before starting to work
  • Selling products is also another good way of freelancing, which is not very much in practice everywhere, but it is profitable if the freelancer can choose the right products at the right times. There are also some photography websites where freelance photographers can sell their photographs with their preferred price.
  • Creating and maintaining a website of one’s one is a challenging jobs. It needs a little bit of investment for the server and the domain, but with the proper strategy one can earn easy money. SEO is the most important factor in any strategy regarding a website.
  • There are also different jobs which require good bit of training and skills like website designing, program developing, etc.

Such types of freelancing jobs are not usually advertised with posters or newspapers. You will have to look at the right place to find the right job for you. There are many websites like oDesk, which offers different types of jobs for different types of people. A freelancer can register there for free and browse through all the jobs posted there, and bid the ones he or she likes. If a freelancer wants to bid more than the limit, he will need to pay some money. It is always beneficial if the freelancers choose the fields of work they like to do. If they like the work, the knowledge to how to start freelancing in Bangladesh will become secondary and the passion for work will become primary. If you want to train yourself on any skill, you can contact DevsTeam who provides wide range of assistance in such topics.


  1. anu sarker says:

    i m not so much expert in any works except ms word excel and wb browsing so what kind of training should i start first to become a expert not only as a freelancer but also which has also a professional career in bangladesh.
    i will be grateful if u plz give me some suggestion

  2. Md Mijanur Rahman says:

    i’ want to do self emplyment

  3. Shake Alimuzzaman says:

    Thanks a lot

  4. just good it

  5. MYandroidBD says:

    চট্রগ্রামে আপনাদের শাখা করার অনুরোধ করছি। ধন্যবাদ

  6. kazituhin says:

    nabigonj apnader saka korun.otoba amake kew join kore den kivabe jobta korbo seta bujiye din 01767255569.ata amar nambur

  7. SSC Result 2017 says:

    I would like to learn web designing..can anyone suggest an institution who offers web designing course..

  8. Shairin Shohelly says:

    I have a good understanding of the English Language and i have done work of this sort before. I have done content writing and other writing groups too. Can you please suggest some good websites which are not a hoax except odesk and upwork.

  9. shohiduzzaman says:

    I have been working as manager accounts in development sector since 1994 and obtained MBA in Finance and accounting and training on Budget & financial management .I strongly wish to be a freelancer on financial proposal development for development sector.Please suggest how should I proceed to be that ???

  10. barisal a apnadar kono branch asay ki???

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