Freelancing Withdraw Method

Though freelancing is now a widely popular way of working in Bangladesh and there are so many freelancers successfully doing their work, there are many basic problems existing in this country which are demoralizing many freelancers. One of the most fundamental problem is the problem of withdrawing or getting the money from the clients. There is still no easy withdraw method available in our country.  There are many ways available to get money from a client. Some are mentioned here-

  • PayPal Transaction
  • Moneybookers
  • Payoneer
  • Ware Transfer
  • Mail

&  some other unconventional methods.


Wire Transfer



In all these methods, PayPal is the most popular method around the freelancing marketplaces and people from around the world are using PayPal for all kind of transactions. It is a sad news that PayPal is still not available in Bangladesh and many clients rejects the bids of many Bangladeshi freelancers just because they do not have any PayPal account in spite of their talent or skill. There are some services available in Bangladesh who can help you to use PayPal, but these alternative ways have their risks.


The Easiest Method in Bangladesh

The most popular or mostly practiced easy withdraw method in Bangladesh is using the services provided by the freelancing marketplaces. Many of these marketplaces use Moneybookers or Payoneer cards linked with the freelancer account. In this way the freelancer can be guaranteed of his payment ensured by the marketplace and withdraw money easily using the free Payoneer card. This card works in most of the ATM booths in Bangladesh and another good thing about these cards is most of them are free. On the negative sides, the maintenance of these free cards are a bit costly. The freelancers who have a lower income rate, such cards are not always affordable. These cards have the following expenses-

  1. Monthly fees
  2. Yearly fees
  3. Withdrawal fee
  4. Transfer free

Therefore, these cards can only be afforded if the freelancer have a high amount of income every month. Even after all these, many people from Bangladesh use this service cause this is the most dependable and easy withdraw method available in Bangladesh. Another advantage of using such service is that many marketplaces like oDesk or offer the security of the wage that makes sure that the freelancer will be paid. As a result there remains no risk of wasting time with frauds or the problem of trust between the clients and the freelancers.

The alternative ways of withdrawing money are very expensive or very problematic. A good way to solve such problems is taking advice from the professionals who have already faced such problems and found a solution. The DevsTeam is one of the pioneers in this field who also give support to the other freelancers and you can contact them too.


  1. Wants to know The most popular or mostly practiced easy withdraw method in Bangladesh is using the services provided by the freelancing marketplaces. Because PayPal is not accepted in Bangladesh. But wants to know good way to solve such problems.

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