Freelancing in Bangladesh

The concept of online freelancing is getting very popular in Bangladesh now. There are many factors working behind this rising popularity, but the most important of them are two, the success stories of the freelancers from Bangladesh and the rumors which are prevailing about freelancing in Bangladesh. There are many successful freelancers in Bangladesh who are doing an excellent job by their quality of work.This is inspirational to many people, but even then, there are some obstacles which should be dealt with to open this road for more able and skilled people of this country.

Freelancing in Bangladesh

Common Misconceptions

There are some rumors that freelancing is a way to earn lots of money only by clicking some links. Though it is the primary reason of the existing popularity of freelancing in Bangladesh, it is also a harmful rumor. People are often fooled by some frauds who use these misconception to lure people in the business of multilevel marketing or PTC. Therefore, people should be made aware about the true concept of freelancing. They should know that freelancing is more than just clicking links and it needs skills like any other profession out there. The emphasis of the freelancing related institutions should be on the skills, not on how fast or how much money one can earn. Otherwise, online freelancing will forever be a magic lamp for the people of Bangladesh.



Communication is an important factor to be a successful freelancer. As the medium is internet here, a freelancer must have some basic grasp of English to successfully communicate with the clients. To impress a client language barrier can be a great obstacle if the freelancer does not have enough knowledge of English. This problem can easily be solved by taking some basic courses in English. This knowledge will not only help the freelancers to successfully communicate, but also help them to acquire more knowledge in his field of work from various English tutorials and books written by other successful freelancers. Therefore, it is almost as important as the knowledge of the skills the freelancers will require to make a successful career.

Another common problem of freelancing in Bangladesh is frustration. The new freelancers sometimes lose their hope by not getting any response after bidding in different places. In such cases a good sample can always be useful to impress anyone even if the bidder does not have any prior experience.

Infinite Posibilities

The Possibilities

There are many positive sides of freelancing in Bangladesh. In comparison to the living standard and average salaries in Bangladesh, the money earned by freelancing is impressive. Therefore, the freelancers from countries like Bangladesh, India or SriLanka can provide service with good quality at a cheaper rate than the rate of the freelancers of other countries. If a freelancer knows his work properly, success can be guaranteed, which is not the case in all other fields of jobs. Another positive side of freelancing is the primary requirements. Only a PC with an internet connection can be the tool of everything if the user have the proper skills.

In spite of so many obstacles, the number of opportunities are immense. If the people with skills are shown the proper way and the people with will are trained in the right direction, the future of freelancing in Bangladesh can be very bright. The present status of this development strengthens this hope even more.


  1. Md. Ikramul Kabir says:

    I want to do this type of jobs
    but don’t know how i will start
    Could u give me the information


  2. i am very interested to be a freelancer but i just cant undesrtand how to start. could u help me out?

  3. kamruzzaman kajol says:

    i have a pc with internet connection but i do not know about design, graphics or programming . how can i advance to be a freelancer and how to start ? will you help me plz ?

  4. I start to freelancing.
    Pls advaice.
    How can started it ?

  5. i kno html an it enough to pusue a freelancing caree.plz suggest me

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