Freelancing Career in Bangladesh


With the increase of world wide availability of the internet, the scope of freelancing business is increasing at a high rate. The possibilities in this field are widening because there are many companies and organizations who want to outsource many of their works as they are more cost saving. The easy access to the online freelancing marketplaces is another reason behind this boost. Freelancing is also gaining traction in Bangladesh as it requires almost no investment if anyone just owns a PC with a decent internet connection. The only thing needed here is the skill and there are many people in Bangladesh out there who have the skill and who do not get the opportunity to use their skill in any work. If you dare to dream, freelancing career in Bangladesh can be very interesting for you.

Freelancing Career in Bangladesh

Meaning of Freelancing and the Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about freelancing that are prevailing in Bangladesh. Before you start a freelancing career in Bangladesh, make sure you know the actual meaning of freelancing. It is not getting rich by clicking some links. No one in the world would be poor by now if only the skill to click on links could make people rich. It is the use of your skill to make people complete their work per contract without any permanent bond to any organization. The meaning of freelancing is same online just the way of communication is changed.If you have a skill, there are people out there who are looking for the right people to complete their work at a balanced rate. Due to a high competition they get their work at a cheap rate, but if you have the quality they need, surely you will be paid the right amount.

Popular Jobs

Popular Jobs

Not all types of freelancing are popular everywhere. In Bangladesh too, some works are very popular and highly practices and some are not. In Bangladesh the most popular ways of freelancing are-

  • Content writing
  • Webpage development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Code writing and examining & some other works
  • HR & Admin
  • Web Research & Market Research



If you have a specific skill set and you do not know what to do with that you can check the freelancing marketplaces where you may find the work that needs exactly your skill. On the other hand, if you get interested to learn any work that will give you a good wage, you can take help from the others. Web searching on that is not dependable that much, but you can go to ask from the professionals like DevsTeam for training and other supports. Such support can be very helpful because there are some obstacles in the freelancing career in Bangladesh. Among them, transaction of money is the most important which is complicated here. As the problem is going to be solved very soon with the introduction of PayPal, it can be expected that the future of freelancing in this country is going to be much better than expected.


  1. I want to start freelancing career permanently. Official job is so disgusting. work work and work but remuneration is so small. In this situation I desire to learn freelancing career details. Please give me a suggestion.

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