FAQ: How to get myself admitted in DevsTeam Institute?
An Interested Student will have to come DevsTeam’s office physically to get himself/herself admitted. As the seats are limited; interested students must have to get admitted within the dateline.

FAQ: Is there any Discount Policy & Installment System exists during Admission?
There is no discount policy. One will have to pay full amount of Course Fee. Only one installment is available but it is encouraged to pay full at a time.

FAQ: What is the standard Course Duration for most of the Courses?
3 months.

FAQ: How many class I will have in a week?
Two classes in a week.

FAQ: Which Courses Should I take?
Actually it depends upon which sectors one prefers most and what s/he wants to be eventually. But we suggest you to go for such type of courses on which you feel interested and would love to work hard.

FAQ: Will DevsTeam Institute gives the student an assurance of getting job in Freelance Marketplaces?
No. DevsTeam doesn’t take the liabilities of a student to get him/her a job in freelance marketplaces. But DevsTeam will provide proper guideline about how to get into.

FAQ: Is it possible to work with DevsTeam after completing the courses?
DevsTeam only selects a specific number of students to let them a chance to work with DevsTeam by evaluating a lot of factors. So tentative students are encouraged to be attentive on training and work harder.

FAQ: How I would know when a course will be started?
We have a Course page where the upcoming dates are being updated all-time. Besides we have a fan page where we publish the starting time of each new course.